Monday, December 12, 2016

Hey everyone!

So some things happened this week. I don't know if I told you but this week we had a Branch BBQ at a member's home at which, she owns 3 alpacas, so at the BBQ we had to chase them down so they could get sheered. Which was a pretty god experience. It was pretty fun, lots of sun. My neck looks like Nevada again. I also had to help two Deaf blind people at the same time. Which is ridiculous. Lots of running back and forth trying to eat in between. Felt kind of like a mother... Anyway. It was good.

Second thing that happened we had a Deaf Picnic at one of the schools here, there was so many deaf people! Like 2 hundred! So many! It was so awesome to see people signing so much. There were a few kids like 12 years old that can sign better than I can. See Sign language is a real language, they have no problem communicating. It was really good!

This week we also had our investigator Andrey, who lives in Lyden a 2 hour drive. Well anyway what happened was we had a ride for him to come to church this weekend but she got sick and couldn't do it. So he decided to come down on his own which is a big commitment for a deaf person. That's a long drive and also we had a few problems with finding him a GPS to get here but that worked out as well! So he got to come to church and the members were super nice to him and it just feels like we are finally going to get someone to really work with, because one of the members who lives closer to him also invited him over for dinner! It'll be awesome!

And then the last thing that happened this week, actually happened today, on June first one of the members of the Branch died from cancer, and today was his funeral. We had the opportunity to go to it this morning. It went really well, he will be missed a great deal. His daughter is Muslim and she shared something out of the Koran and it just felt like it fit perfectly with what we believe. It was a really cool experience.

Well, I think that is it for this week! I love you all! Keep working hard!


Elder Galloway!


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