Monday, December 12, 2016

So this week, like I said last time we went to the Temple this last week. The effect have yet to wear off. I still feel the spirit so much stronger since then. I just want to say again how much I love the Temple. Which is a lot.

 So other than that this week we have had a bunch of service, like 13 hours. Most of it was weeding in the rain. It was pretty fun I enjoyed it. We did finally get back in contact with our investigator who went AWOL for a little bit. So that is good. She is still doing pretty good. 

We also got a new referral from Everett Mission. Again up in Bellingham. So we are going to meet him tomorrow after District meeting. his name is Andre.  

This week we also got to meet with ASL south's investigator, as they need a third male so we joined them for the lesson. Susan, she is doing pretty good. She wants to get baptized and I think they are putting her on date for July soon. 

We did also get the chance to help one of our members move from Shoreline to Seattle (Capital Hill) Which went alright, we got her truck packed and everything and we were about to go, but she had lost the keys to the truck and was convinced they were in one of the boxes so we had to unpack like half the truck and we were going through boxes when she found the keys in the coat she was wearing that morning but had then changed coats forgot about this fact and made us search the truck. Because of this we weren't able to help her unload so we gave her the number for the other missionaries in that area. I don't know if everything worked out but she hasn't call us so I think everything is fine.

Yesterday night we also had the chance to meet with a hearing family in a random ward who has a son learning ASL. So we went to dinner with them. It went pretty good to kid's name is Skyler and his ASL teacher is actually our recent convert, Mike Cooper. He is pretty good at sign and we may ask him to come out with is to help with the work as people who can are in short supply.  

Mike is also trying to set up an ASL class this summer while is is off working from the school. (Summer break) 

Other interesting things happened this week like: Elder Gerber and I have been learning British Sign Language. It is quite a bit different then ASL. So it is a little bit difficult but we are doing good. 

Coming up we have: An ASL picnic on June 3rd, and ASL/Branch BBQ and June 4th which is also Elder Taylor's birthday, and the Branch camp out on June 10th-11th. I think that is everything for this week! Love you all and hope to hear from you soon!

Elder Galloway 

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