Monday, December 12, 2016


Hey everyone,

As of right now we still have an on-date for November 6th and she is doing just wonderful. She went to church yesterday (Up in Bellingham) and liked it a lot. We just need to meet with her a few more times and she is good to go! We had to cancel our most recent appointment, last Friday, with her because of the storm. But we are looking forward to meeting with her this week sometime. We also have a few other potentials we are working with and hopefully soon can meet with we are doing what we can for that. Other than that we are still working with a few less actives and they are doing well, Josh came to the fireside last night and is doing well. Speaking of the storm last Friday/Saturday/Sunday. It was crazy. Practically a typhoon. Winds were in the 70's (MPH)  Rain was crazy... Fun tracting that's for sure. Other than that we had an awesome fireside last night. (Member Missionary Fireside) It was really good as they all are. I think that is all for this week! Still going strong! Keep up the faith people because "la fe es fuego!" 


Love you all! 


Elder Galloway! 

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