Monday, December 12, 2016


Hey everyone!

This week was busy, we had a lot of service! We met with a lot of less actives. Which was one of our miracles. We committed and had three less actives come to church, all of them are progressing really well. One of them we had the chance to go to the temple and walk around on the grounds with him. It was super nice! We also did a lot of service this week. I got to help interpret for a deaf member signing up for YMCA. This member is actually super cool! He is a Olympic Basketball player from way back when, he actually won in 85. super cool, he was going to play in the NBA but then he failed a drug test and couldn't. Super sad, it would have been awesome to see that. But Now he was found the church got baptized a little over a year ago and we are helping go to the temple. It is amazing the change we can see in the people we see and meet and work with. The biggest quote I used this week was this "Would you rather be right, or happy?" The truth and lesson we learn from this is sometimes for the sake of being happy we have to live with the fact that being right sometimes isn't always the best thing. To choose and allow ourselves to be wrong and to let someone else "win" is hard, but is it not better than to arguing and trying to prove ourselves right? While this sounds silly it is actually really hard for some people. I invite those people to pray and ask for help to do that. 


Elder Galloway. 

PS: 'Member to smile. it helps

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