Monday, December 12, 2016


Hey everyone!


Right now I am so happy! Why? Because My sister had her child!!!!! I'm an uncle! (I was an uncle before... but more now!!) YAAAAYYYY! Right now I am so glad families can be together forever!! 


Anyway, missionary work. So Cheryl is probably not going to get baptized this Sunday. Reason being, the lady whop gives her rides to church (Because it's a two hour drive without traffic) well that lady's husband just had surgery and so for the next four months she has to keep an eye on him and can't be too far away (They are both pretty old). So she can't get a ride to church, or into to town for her interview. So right now we are working with our Mission President and the Everett Mission President to get things figure out and maybe have her baptized up there in Bellingham. Other than that not a whole lot going on. Just working hard. Praying for miracles. 


As today is Halloween, Happy Halloween everyone! Today we get P-day until 6, and can have a dinner appointment and then the fun begins we get to go in and spend the rest of the night deep cleaning our apartments! Yay! Fun times. 


Sorry not a whole lot to write this week... Kind of still in shock from the news and Hazel (My niece)... 


Love you all! 


Elder Galloway! 

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