Monday, December 12, 2016


Hey Everyone!

I am doing wonderful. The area is doing wonderful. Our numbers, and thus the work, this past week are going really well. We are teaching more with investigators. We picked up a former investigator named Brady and are working with him. We are still working with Cheryl and Andrey, they are just hard to teach because they live so far away. We also have a few referrals we need to contact, we were told they weren't that solid referrals but we are going to check them out this week.
We also set up our basketball event this past Saturday night, which was kind of small due to all the Deaf being out of town in Las Vegas because of the Deaf Nation Expo. Which is a super big expo, and I think the only international one so that's why it is so important to go to, but the next basketball event was set up for two weeks Friday and looks like it should be a bigger turn out as we now have some help getting the word out. We have high hopes for it. I think that is all the big events for this week.
The big topic of discussion this week is the need of gratification and contentment, why are we not content with what we have? Why is it we have to have prolonged enjoyment to feel satisfied? Why can't we just accept what we have and be satisfied. Why do we always want more and more and more. Why is it we put emotion into things and then thus by doing so force ourselves to chance after it just to get it back.

I find it interesting that we always want more, we always place things above other things when really neither are important to salvation or life. I don't have a lot of words to explain what we talked about but, the questions above, just think about them. Just think if you can have fun for half an hour, why do you need to have fun for a whole hour? What is it that you are letting control your life by throwing your emotion into it? And why do you do it? Just think about it.

Elder Galloway

PS: 'Memeber to smile. It helps.


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