Monday, December 12, 2016


Hey everyone! So I didn't skip you yesterday it was Temple day today, so we just got back from the temple and it was super nice I love it there. I missed it since the last time I got to go and also the day today was super nice. It was sunny and reminded me of home. I quite enjoyed it. Temples really are the house of the Lord. You can just feel him there, the spirit is super strong whenever I go. 

So I am about 5 days short of being out for ten months and man has time flown. It feels like yesterday I was back home and it'll be tomorrow that I'll be home again. I wish it wouldn't move so fast but it does. I am just doing my best to make sure I am doing everything I can while I'm here. 

We are working hard, interesting enough our solid investigator (Cheryl, lives in Bellingham, a two hour drive from our apt) we have been working with has somewhat dropped off the face of the planet so we are trying to get back in contact with her. She is so prepared and just is busy right now so we are trying to work with that. Other than her we have a few potentials we are working with hopefully soon to become investigators. The district I am in now is a little bit interesting. I am not sure how this transfer will go. I did tell you I got transferred back up north with Elder Gerber right? 

I think that is everything this week! Just remember to stay close to the Lord. As you strive to be closer to him he will be closer to you. Also go to the temple the next time you can! It is wonderful! 


I also found out that the new second counselor in the mission presidency is not only from Nevada but from Gibbs. Which is like 2ish hours from my home. Sweetness!

Elder Galloway!

PS: 'Member to smile. It helps. 


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