Monday, May 2, 2016


Hey everyone,
How are all y'all?  I am doing pretty well, considering today was Zone Sports day. We played some kickball. It was pretty good. My team lost if we were keeping score which we weren't so that means my team wins right?
So highlights of this week. I have been doing a lot better on my journal it is up to date as of yesterday.
Saturday we got like 10 hours of service as we were helping someone move but didn't have big enough trucks or trailers. It was pretty fun. We might start teaching some of the people that were there. One in particular looks pretty promising we have a lesson sometime this week before so we will see how that turns out.
I got to go up to Bellingham again this week. It was a long drive but the lesson we had there with ASL North's investigator was worth it. She is pretty prepared for ASL. Man, it'll be nice to see that happen. Their other investigator kind of fell off and has gone astray which totally blows. But we are still working with him and hoping.
God will bless us for our efforts so we just keep on trying hard.
We went to DI last week and found some pretty cool things which we bought have not been let down. I won't tell you what it is but it is pretty awesome! I think that is all for this week! Love you all! Keep up the good work! Later!

Elder Galloway! 

PS: 'Member to smile. It helps. 


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