Monday, May 2, 2016


Hey everyone!
So here am I, back in ASL. Interesting enough with three months pause on my ASL coming back several people have commented on how much my sign has improved. Knowing I haven't use it in forever, my opinion is that it isn't my sign that has improved but more so my personality. I tend to be much more open and outward-ish. Again being in ASL my English vocab slows down once in a while. Sometimes it is easier to say things in ASL than English now. I suspect that is a good thing.
Being back in the ASL program we have come up with a few problems that have arisen while we were gone and have set in motion actions and a plan to fix them and it is looking promising.
Oh man, I remember how much driving we do now. It is very much slower then the English program. But the North Elders do have a on date for a investigator soon. He is a long time one and is super solid. We are looking forward to that.
To remind some of you (mother), Elder Taylor my companion now is the same one as the my first companionship with I started my mission. He is super cool and hearing but avid signer. I learn a lot from him. Other than that I think this week went pretty good. I enjoyed it. See you next time.

Elder Galloway!

PS: 'Member to smile. It helps.  

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