Monday, February 1, 2016


Blog Letter:

Hey Everyone! How's it hanging? I am doing AWESOME! I love the work. This week I actually got to talk in a "Great to be Eight" meeting, which isn't as exciting as a real baptism. But it was pretty fun. I got string cheese out of it so that is a bonus. 

As for the weather we also had a few wet days... Which walking around in was not the funnest. I got pretty wet. I think the worst, meaning wettest, day just happened to be the day we had to go tracting for like 6 hours... It was a long day. 

The mission is going pretty well. Still both of our closest investigators are still off date for silly reasons. We are working with them. AHH! So difficult. But we did find a few more people to teach this week so that is good. We hope to start working with them and get them on-date soon!

Also this week. It was pretty cool. I got to use some of my Tagalog to teach. Which really means we were teaching and I kinda awkwardly put in some of the few words I know. But I am also picking up a little Arabic, Lao, and Taiwanese. All of which are super hard and I can almost remember how to say hello in. Don't ask me to write it at all. That is crazy.  

As for sports, we had Zone sports day and played Soccer, which I like to think my footwork is getting a little bit better. I did juke some people while we were playing. It is probably the dance coming out in me.

Well, I am now thinking about maybe shorting the scripture I am working on memorizing. But, we'll see. I am doing good. I love you all dearly and I can't wait to tell you all about my Mission! Later!

Elder Galloway.

PS: 'Member to smile. It helps. 


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