Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sept. 28th, 2015

Hey Everyone!

A bunch of stuff this week. It has been an awesome week. Our numbers have just been super high in pretty much all areas. So that is amazing. We found two new investigators, both of which show promise. I have also set up and started this crazy study plan because we drive around in cars all day so I have all that time. The plan is this I will read
-Old Testament
-New Testament
-Book of Mormon
-Doctrine and Covenants
-Pearl Of Great Price
-Joseph Smith Translation
-Joseph Smith Matthew
-And the Bible Dictionary

All in 125 days. So, That is a huge amount of reading. Day four today And I'll already finished with Genesis. So another thing this week is we had our deaf blind members pass the sacrament yesterday. Which was super cool. I helped with that and guided one of them along. It was AWESOME. So this last week as been the best week in the mission (for ASL) in a long time. Just so much of everything. Didn't I tell you things were going to pick up? I plan to keep it this way. We'll see how that goes. Something I have notice while serving is people have so many different problems. SO MANY! How do we fix this? How do we overcome the problems we have? It so simple! SO SIMPLE! Just be like Christ. Stop focusing on yourself and doing something for someone else. Serve. Turn outward. Stop turning inward. This will solve so many problems. Of that I have no doubt.  The quote for today. Because I have a quote for every day is this:

 "He died to make men holy, let us live to make men free!"

 I beg you guys. Just do it. Live like Christ. Do for others what you would do for yourself. I promise if you do that then most if not all your problems will either disappear or cease to be important to you. I heard some where. Maybe I thought it but whatever the case it says:

 "It is easy to give your life for the Lord, to die in his name. It is harder to live for him."

 Let us be worthy to bear his name. We already do if we are baptized. But we need to be worthy of it. Let us do what is needed to have him be proud of us. This is my simple plead: "Come unto Christ and be perfected in him." Do as he did, walk as he walked, follow him, find the lambs, feed the sheep.

Just some of the simple thoughts of a growing young missionary.

Elder Galloway.

PS: 'Member to smile. It helps.


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