Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Hey everyone.

So, few things. Don't be weird-ed out if you get random phone calls from people with questions about me. Yeah, it is a little strange. The deaf community is very different then any of us have experienced before including Devin. The thing about it is unlike hearing missions then the people I meet and become friends with will not go away after my mission I will have them for life. If that makes sense like hearing people will be friends but over time it will degrade, unlike Deaf people.  Once they make friends they normally keep that connection for life.  I not sure what the difference is.  My companions have even had people from the mission stay over at their family's homes. I don't expect that for you as we live in the middle of no where. Just be warned. 

 Anyway. we have a few interpreters in the branch. I do end up doing it sometimes, as well as most other meetings for my deaf companion so I get plenty of practice for that. As for voice interpreting I use that some times as well to voice for my companion for nightly phone call as he is the district leader. So, I am learning. Am I good? depends on the day. 

What is up? I'm still doing good. Food is in short supply. Mainly because I eat so much but. That just means I'm working hard right? Maybe it's the working out. Who knows right? Anyway. The work is actually kind of slow as we tend to be boggled down doing some thins that may or may not be part of missionary work. It is church work just maybe not missionary work. But, no problem. We solve that problem. So, our investigators are running few but we have seen some progress in members helping with the work so hopefully soon we will see the benefits of that. I actually have a surprise for all of you. I have another poem to share. Hope you like it. My companions love it, here goes:

Faith in ever footstep that is what they say 
But the amount required increases day by day. 
Sometimes it is impossible to keep moving forward.
You must sink to your knees and seek the Lord.

How others do it you ask yourself again.
No matter what happens they always win.
But yours is not the case you usually fail.
It seems no-one is listening to your silent yell.

Stuck on your knees gasping for air.
Caught in the mist of the temper's snare.
You pray with all your fading might.
Right before the darkness wins you see a light.

So what do you do with this chance given?
Arise once more to the call of the world you live in?
From my soul to yours comes this simple plead.
When in fear or doubt, let the Lord lead. 

Hope you like it. Anywho. That is all for this week. Love you.

Keep Keep.

Elder Galloway. PS: 'Member to smile. It helps!

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