Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sept. 14th, 2015

Hey guys.

What's up? This is my second week here in Seattle. It has been a little better than the first one. We are getting settled in the place now. Everything back to normal. I've had my first interpreting experience, as we had zone conference which is a 7 hour meeting with lunch in the middle. I interpreted not the whole time thankfully, but a lot. It's a lot harder than you would think. So remember I mentioned we might be able to go to a Deaf Expo in Portland? Well, at this point in time it looks like a no. So, there's that. So our investigators are doing pretty good. They are all progressing pretty well. Our Branch is still super small. We get maybe 30 people every week. But it's our goal as a Branch to become a ward in the next few years. So I will be helping with that. I'll be excited to see how that works out. I'm not as tired as when I first got here. But, I still tend to be pretty tired. Shocker. It's a hard life serving the Lord. Some of the missionaries before me didn't quite make the cut from what I hear. Anyway. I recently wrote another poem I thought I'd Share with you guys. Here goes:

Oh be faithful, Oh be wise.
When the world calls: Arise.
The task at hand is not for fun.
We are to do what must be done.

Set apart to do his great work.
Laboring wherein Satan doth Lurk.
Forget not Obedience is key.
For the Lord God workth in mystery.

Rather let us say "I will go and do"
than "I'm slow of speech and tongue too"
Open your mouth and it will be filled.
For even Jesus did what the Father willed.

So let him be our guiding light.
Go forth forever trusting in his might.
The end.

It's pretty simple. But I hope it helps with something. I think that is it for this week. Have a glorious week. Talk to you next time. Later. 

Elder Galloway

PS: 'Member to smile. It helps. 

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