Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Sept 20th, 2015

Hey Folks.

What is up? I'm having tons of fun out here. I love it. This last week has been the best one yet. We have had some really good days. REALLY good days. And some awful ones. I haven't fallen asleep in any more lessons yet... Which I did the first week if I never told you that. Luckily it was with a member and they've seen a lot of missionaries so they understood. Apparently it's not uncommon to fall asleep during your first week here. So a little bit more about the area I'm serving in just so you can understand a little bit more about how huge it is.

The Deaf population is all over the place that's why we have such a huge area. Most of the members live outside the mission. That's why we don't stay in it. And my companions. One is deaf with an cochlear implant. (<--- District leader) The other is hearing and is showing some signs of Carpal Tunnel. Which is not good for signing, So he may be pulled from ASL for a little bit.  

Right now my area is from the Canadian border down to Shahalais (A town) and from the Ocean to Rocky Mountains. So yeah, and there is three of us to cover that. Luckily we will get a new elder on Nov 3. So we'll split North and south again. When we split the half way point will be in about Seattle area. So still huge areas.There's only one Branch in the Seattle in all of our area with about 25-30 active people. So that's a little sad. But all in all the Deaf community is huge. Tons of people. I've met a lot of cool people so far. 

Driving is crazy here. So terrible. But, I'll get the hang of it. I think I want to be a race car driver at some point in my life. You guys need to see my journal it's so much better of a report of what has happened. I'll put it on the blog after my mission. It's pretty good. I've been told it's very poetic. So there's that. Hopefully soon I'll be able to send pictures of everything. 
That's it for now. Have fun.

Elder Galloway

PS: 'Member to Smile. It helps.  

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