Monday, November 30, 2015


Hey everyone!

I figure I'd start with that.
So, interesting enough this week is ASL transfers. I say ASL because ASL Missionaries come like half way through the normal transfer. And finally we are getting a new Elder! Tomorrow! YAY! Elder Hess.
So, who is where you might ask? So while we will all still be working very closely together Myself and Elder Gerber are moving down south to an area called White Center. Which from what I hear is somewhat sketchy. Sister missionaries are not allowed to serve there it is so sketchy. So looking forward to that.
And then Elder Taylor with Elder Hess will be up north still in Shoreline. So that is awesome! I cannot wait. AAAAHHHH! Anyway.
Halloween was good, first one away from my family. We had to be in at 5 o'clock and got to go to sleep at 8 which was super nice. As I tend to be super tired all the time hopefully it helps me catch up on it a little bit. 
What else? I have actually gained weight. (Hopefully from the working out part) but since I started my mission I have gained 15 pounds. In about 3 months now. So, That cool. Again I hope its from the working out and not the eating. But who knows. We'll see in about two years.
Well, I think that is it for this week. Love you all. Keep keep.

Elder Galloway

PS: 'Member to smile. It helps


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