Monday, November 30, 2015


Hey Everyone,

What's up? I am doing pretty good.
A bit of a struggle this week. It is the hardest week yet, and trust me. In ASL the weeks get pretty hard. I am learning so much. Hopefully it stays in my head rather than leaking out.
Well, the rain is here. All of it at the same time. Which is a lot. A LOT! So hard driving in it. People DON"T EVEN SLOW DOWN! Crazies, driving 70 mph in 4 inches of water.
So the south area is actually not the one I was talking about before, it is not that bad. But, it could be better, the apartment is super nice, if only it didn't smell like pot half the time from the people above us... Just makes cooking a little more fun. Which by the way we finally get a little more money each month to make up for the lack of member meals. Helps when we are 3 hours from apartment and need to eat something.
We started teaching an ASL class which is super fun, in DEC we are supposed to have like 20 non-members coming so that is good. My signing and deaf culture awareness is improving little by little. As is my companionship. I love it. Anywho. Quote for today:

"Remember who you are and where you came from, Never forget who you can become and where you can go!"

I love quoting myself. I sound so smart sometimes. It is nice to pretend. Well, that is it for this week. Have a good day. KEEP KEEP. 
(KEEP KEEP  means Take Care in ASL.    I had to ask Elder Galloway, and was given a quick lesson in texting in ASL.  Apparently you text the same way you sign.  Similar I imagine to texting or speaking in Spanish where the sentence structure is different than English.  Anyway it is interesting.)
Elder Galloway.

PS: 'Member to smile. It helps.  

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