Friday, August 7, 2015

Hey Everyone.

It's been like 17 days since I got here. It's been pretty crazy. I've learned a lot and have had some interesting things happen in my district. Well, first off don't play volleyball with Tongans. One of our sisters fractured her wrist. So there's that. Another has been having problems with her appendix. 

Thanks for sending me stuff. I swear I'm the only missionary who hasn't gotten like 9 packages from home. But that's alright. I don't really have anything I need or anything like that. Besides I just take snacks from theirs anyway. (Disclaimer: We really have sent him stuff.  -just not 9 packages worth.)

We did get to listen to Elder Nelson of the Twelve. He talked about how missionaries were epistles to the world. It was super cool. Another cool thing the MTC choir, which I'm in, gets to sing backup for the Nashville Tribute Band in a few weeks. That's pretty cool. I'm excited for that. 

Other than that we've just been learning a lot. There have been several people struggling with why they are here and it's not only hard to feel something like that but to watch other people go through it as well. It's easy to judge yourself against others and feel like you can do nothing right. But. With God on our side we can do all things. 

So interesting thing -Our Deaf teacher thought I was a CODA (Child of a deaf Adult) Which means I must look like I know what I'm doing when I sign as CODA tend to be some of the best signers next to the actual Deaf. I thought that was pretty cool. 

A word of advice to all those who need it. Stay close to the Gospel. Even if you have to step away from it for a minute don't push it away. It can always help. It's funny, sometimes I think how much God must love people compared to me. As you start to serve people you have to love them. As you understand them you have to love them. It's intersting to see that. I think that is it for this week.

'Member to Smile. It helps.

-Elder Galloway

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