Friday, July 24, 2015

Hey everyone,

Elder Galloway here. So where to start? What to say? Well, it's only been almost 48 hour that I've been here at the MTC and man has it been busy. But, The food is pretty good. Not as good as home but good enough. That's the important thing right? So my companion is one Elder Smuin. While he was born deaf he was raised in the hearing world and has cochlear implants.He started signing about three years ago. He is going to the Washington DC north Mission. I happen to be the only one going to Seattle right now. So interesting thing, Right now they have the biggest group of ASL missionaries in the MTC ever. In our Zone we have 31 signers. That's pretty cool. We only have three deaf people. Most of  my district can sign pretty well already, I am one of the better signers still but no where near the best. Yet. My class has been going pretty good. It's interesting learning about how to share the Gospel in ASL. We'll start teaching "Investigators" tomorrow in ASL so hopefully my companion and I are ready for that. I feel we are. One of the most important things we have been learning about is about teaching people, not lessons. We as missionaries aren't there to teach, we aren't there to force people, but simply to guide them, to invite the spirit. I think that is hard for some missionaries to understand. If there was one great pearl of knowledge I want to offer the world it's "fix the future, not the past." meaning while we need to repent for the things we're done wrong then it's best to resist then to repent. That is what missionaries see in people, not what they are or what they've done, but what they can become. I feel that's an important lesson we can all use some help with. No one is prefect. So we all need to help each other on the path to perfection.I think that's it for this week. Sorry it's short. More next week. Oh and by the way P-Day is on Friday. I'd love to hear from you guys! Thanks.

Elder Galloway.

PS: My email is and my mother should have my physical address. Talk to you later.

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