Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Hey everyone,

Whats up? No one is writing or emailing me! I have no idea what has happened over there for the last month and a half. I don't even remember what the world is like. Just kidding. I remember well enough. But, still guys. Write me. Just do it. 

I'm about to leave the MTC so email is probably a better idea. By the way. in case you missed it. I'M ABOUT TO LEAVE THE MTC!! Right? It's crazy. I've been here for a month and a half already. It does not feel like it. Maybe a week, and in other ways like the whole two years already. I'm excited to leave. I'm ready for it. I cannot wait for the mission field. We had in-field orientation yesterday. It was pretty cool. It just made me even more excited for the field. To go start helping people. I cannot wait. 

This is my last P-day here at the MTC. That's a little scary. 

It's funny sometimes I hear people complaining that 6:30 is too early to get up and I think to myself. "Ha, this is great I get to sleep in for like a extra hour and half" I swear sometimes it feels like the standards I live by being a Galloway are slightly above that of the Lord's. Which I'm grateful for. But, Anyway it does not feel like I'm on my mission yet. I only have 23 months left. It does not feel like I've started it yet. I'm so ready for that. 

I checked the other day I have not gained any weight since I got here and I have been eating a ton. I'm not sure how I feel about that. The food here is questionable but. I just get hungry sometimes. I eat a lot. 

Class has been interesting as we have switched our focus to learning about the Deaf community, which I love! I cannot say enough how ready and excited I am for the field.  I think my favorite part about the MTC was not the nine hours of studying everyday. But rather the actual teaching of our "investigators". I think that's where I learned the most. I don't exactly miss home. It's just different here. But, then again I still have 22 months left. 

Bring on the rain. Quite literally. I hear it rains a lot. I'm ready for that. Hopefully I get a car. That'd be nice. And Hopefully I get to start off signing rather than english. And maybe even a deaf companion. That'd be cool.

 I get to go to the Temple today. We're doing initiatories and then a session today. I'm excited for that. Thanks everyone for your prayers. I think that's it for today. More from the field. Can't wait for that. Later.

Oh and 'member to smile. It helps.

Elder Galloway.

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